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Ecovisor Ltd
- An expert in Sustainable Business

Founded in 2007, Ecovisor Ltd provides versatile business consulting. The company is eager to promote sustainable development, circular economy and green innovations. The services consist of business development, project management and economical services.

We offer:

  • marketing and technology surveys
  • support in sustainability communication
  • help with strategy work
  • assistance in project funding applications, investment calculations, budgeting and business planning
  • assistance in environmental management, environmental legislation and permit issues.

Contact info

Marita Valkonen, Business consultant 


+358 40 776 2182

Education: MSc (Tech) in Industrial Engineering & MSc (Econ).

Wide working experience including farming, business consultancy and managerial positions in environmental and economic issues. 

The company is located in Jyväskylä, Finland.